• Perfectionism & moi

    Hello gorgeous ! I hope you’re off to a great Gemini season and that you’re enjoying the current cosmic vibes! Speaking of vibes, have you noticed these perfectionist tendencies flaring up like crazy lately? I certainly did, and so I went to my usual spot on the beach to do a little channeling session, and what came up was that it was…

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    Manifest your soul tribe

    Hi gorgeous ! I hope you’re off to a great week and that you are feeling your most empowered! As we enter Gemini season, the socialite of the zodiac, is there a better time to think about the relationships in our lives, and how fulfilling and aligned they are? Now is the time to be playful and revel in the joy…

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    Owning your truth, empowering beliefs & Human Design

    Hi gorgeous ! The latest episode of SPIRITUAL SLUT the podcast is liiive, and is about, you guessed it, owning your truth, embodying it, living it, from a place of power. And how do you be in a place of power in that regard, you may ask… Enters the concept of Empowering beliefs. If you’ve read my previous blog post, then you know…

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    Vibe Make Over

    Hello beautiful ! I hope you’re off to a great summer and that you are falling in love over and over again with your body! If you follow the astrological forecast, maybe you’re aware that Jupiter, the great benefactor of the Zodiac, is now in the sign of Taurus, and that the sun is currently transiting gate 8, The gate…

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    Summer body, heartset ready

    Hi gorgeous! In the words of Abraham Hicks, ask, and it is given! By popular request, I go on a deep dive on the topic of self love on the latest episode of SPIRITUAL SLUT the podcast, and it’s juicy AF! And with summer being just around the corner, is there a better time to discuss bodily aesthetics? In this eppy, you’ll…

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