Manifesting modalities, tools and techniques as experimented by yours truly. Not your basic bitch practices, I promise!


I’ve earned quite a reputation as an award-winning erotic hypnotist. Mind you, I grew up in a household of psychotherapists, with a father who writes books about NLP and hypnotherapy and a mother who uses hypnosis in her practice. Needless to say, I learned the tricks of the trade while growing up and literally learning my mother tongue.  And so,…

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For life to give you lemons… A word about beliefs

Working on your beliefs is something that’s all the rage right now in the spiritual space. And while I think that’s amazing… There’s so much more to it. In fact, what I know to be true is that your beliefs are probably less than 1% of what you need to manifest. But here’s the thing: without this one percent, you…

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The universe is my sugar daddy (and yours, too!)

Hello beautiful and happy eclipse #2! If you have been following me for a while, then you know that eclipses are portals to shifting timelines and quantum leaping… Which we are all about it here in the #GirlsWhoManifest community! And as if this wasn’t enough, we are entering Scorpio season, so needless to say, we are off to an intense month…

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What if…?

Hello gorgeous !  I hope you’re doing amazing during this eclipse season 🌒 Cue the Kris Jenner meme, “You’re doing amazing, sweetie!” I mean, has anyone else been feeling this intensity lately? Because with eclipses, it’s not just something on the day of. In fact, the energy builds up weeks before… Eclipses are portals to quantum leap, shift timelines, and literally…

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Go big or go home

Hello gorgeous angel, and happy new moon in Virgo! As we set our intention for the next cycle and as Mercury turns direct again, we find ourselves back in the perfect cosmic sweet spot to manifest again! It kind of feels like we’re going back to the school of life, now equipped with new tools, new ambitions, and, clearly, new energy!…

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