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Level Up in Love

Hello gorgeous, and happy Valentine’s season! 💖 Ahhh, this time of the year where our email inbox vomits pink heart emojis, where our social media feed is serving us Barbie-core like it’s its job, and where we either feel anxiety building up by the minute in anticipation for V-day (he will remember, right?), or… the biggest FOMO ever (this situationship isn’t gonna do anything for my…

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50 shades of feminine emotions… Part 2

Hello gorgeous , and happy full moon in Leo! 🌕 If you’re feeling aaaall the drama right now, that’s absolutely normal — and a perfect time to release it (that’s what full moons are for!). And so, Leo moons are all about the aforementioned drama, self-expression, and the inner child. Leo is the performer of the Zodiac, after all! If that…

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50 Shades of feminine emotions, part 1

Hello angel, and happy new moon in Capricorn! 🌑 Whew! What an intense one indeed! I don’t know if you’re feeling it too, but it’s hitting me in all the right places, namely in my astrological first house. The effects of a new moon or full moon are usually felt the most a couple of days prior and after its…

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In my villain era

Hi gorgeous ! Happy Venus retrograde in Leo! Whether you’ve been following the astrological events or not, I hope that these Leo vibes are lighting your heart on fire ❤️‍🔥 If the word retrograde triggers you, fear not: what it means is that it is actually the best time to pause and reflect, to review and reassess your thought patterns, behaviors, and…

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Blame it on the stars (but do feel all the feels!)

Hello gorgeous ! I hope your summer is bringing you a healthy dose of surprises, adventure, and beautiful encounters! I have to say, this is all I would ask for during Cancer season, and, oh my stars, did it deliver so far! I could tell you about my jetskiing adventures and my paddle accident and how I ended up with…

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