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Quantum Leap Queen

Hello gorgeous, and welcome to Mercury retrograde in Aries, which will last until April 25! While this astrological transit might call for passive aggressive communication (especially if you have Aries placements!), it’s also a great time to look inward and harness the courage to face your sh*t head on! Aries is the archetype of the warrior, after all. And know that the…

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Be a Manifestation Muse

Hello gorgeous, and happy eclipse season! Eclipses are the portals of time and destiny; they are pockets of time that provide the opportunity for quantum leaps and timeline hops, if you are prepared for them. It’s a time where souls on Earth are required to step further into who they came here to be, deepen their connection to their purpose,…

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Level Up in Love

Hello gorgeous, and happy Valentine’s season! 💖 Ahhh, this time of the year where our email inbox vomits pink heart emojis, where our social media feed is serving us Barbie-core like it’s its job, and where we either feel anxiety building up by the minute in anticipation for V-day (he will remember, right?), or… the biggest FOMO ever (this situationship isn’t gonna do anything for my…

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50 shades of feminine emotions… Part 2

Hello gorgeous , and happy full moon in Leo! 🌕 If you’re feeling aaaall the drama right now, that’s absolutely normal — and a perfect time to release it (that’s what full moons are for!). And so, Leo moons are all about the aforementioned drama, self-expression, and the inner child. Leo is the performer of the Zodiac, after all! If that…

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50 Shades of feminine emotions, part 1

Hello angel, and happy new moon in Capricorn! 🌑 Whew! What an intense one indeed! I don’t know if you’re feeling it too, but it’s hitting me in all the right places, namely in my astrological first house. The effects of a new moon or full moon are usually felt the most a couple of days prior and after its…

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