Go big or go home

Go big or go home

Hello gorgeous angel, and happy new moon in Virgo!

As we set our intention for the next cycle and as Mercury turns direct again, we find ourselves back in the perfect cosmic sweet spot to manifest again! It kind of feels like we’re going back to the school of life, now equipped with new tools, new ambitions, and, clearly, new energy!

Whether you are manifesting a new job, a new biz, a new relationship, a new house, or the up-leveling of any of those, you’re on the right track, babe! Because your soul knows exactly what to do; as a matter of fact, your soul has always known!

And if you’re feeling a little bit of cognitive dissonance right here, that’s because your mind speaks louder than your heart does — at least in this moment! See, babe, the heart does not always whisper quietly; in fact, sometimes it screams from the rooftop, so loud that you just can’t ignore it! But Mind does this thing of shushing the heart’s rooftop singing so well that it could totally lead you astray and make the most annoyingly loud rendition of Jain’s “Makeba” completely oblivious to you. I know it too well, as a Gemini moon who intellectualizes their emotions like their life depends on it!

And so, in the latest episode of the podcast, I share with you all the ways my mind has been playing tricks on me and all the sometimes hilarious ways my heart has kept doing its thing (and singing its own version of Makeba) — think alternate vision boards on my phone and OMFG-epiphanies during hypnosis sessions!

And speaking of hypnosis, I give you all the deets on how I used quantum hypno on myself to connect to my highest timeline and collapse time (more on this later in this email), how I managed to uncover my true soul’s desire in the process, and ultimately, how to make the difference between a forced manifestation that comes from the mind and the authentic soul desire that comes from the heart.

I also explain how feelings like envy and jealousy are helping (yes, helping!) you reach your ultimate manifestations, what a glass ceiling is and how to get rid of it, and what the freak astrocartography is and how it can guide you (back) home… Quite literally!

I believe the most exhilarating journey is the one where you follow your heart. And I’m committed to going first, diving right in, and sharing my journey with you, babe. You coming?

I look forward to see you on the show, gorgeous! Mwah! 💋


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