Quantum Leap Queen

Quantum Leap Queen

Hello gorgeous, and welcome to Mercury retrograde in Aries, which will last until April 25!

While this astrological transit might call for passive aggressive communication (especially if you have Aries placements!), it’s also a great time to look inward and harness the courage to face your sh*t head on! Aries is the archetype of the warrior, after all. And know that the moment you do that, babe, is the moment you reclaim your spiritual sovereignty, aka, your Queen energy đź‘‘

Out: people-pleasing tendencies, codependency, second-guessing yourself

In: radical self-honesty, transcending your triggers, calling out your own bullshit

Moreover, we’re in the window between two eclipses occurring on the Libra-Aries axis. A perfect time to quantum leap, as I explained in my previous blog article, Be a Manifestation Muse.

The thing with quantum leaps is that, one, they don’t happen by accident: you have to provoke them. And two, you have to be ready for them to happen.

See, gorgeous, manifestation isn’t magic; it still requires you to take action. And as Bashar, as channeled by Darryl Anka (one of my all-time favorite channels), would say, the language of 3D is action. And we know by now that manifestation is a process of co-creation between the universe and us. Keyword co-creationWe have to do our part, honey—whatever that looks like to you.

And a great time to take action and set your intentions would be the upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8. Whether you are following the astrological weather forecast or not, you should know that eclipse energy is the surfer girl equivalent of huge waves that you can surf once every 6 months. If your level is high enough, it’s an incredible opportunity!

Which is exactly why we do the work: so that we reach the level that will allow us to surf the cosmic waves of the eclipse and quantum leap like the queens we are. We don’t watch the waves from the sidelines here; we ride them masterfully. And we get to our next level effortlessly. Because we have all the tools we need… And most importantly, we have the willingness to look at our shadows. We have the courage to look inward.

And this is what Quantum Leap Queen, one of my latest High Vibe Audios, is all about. Whether you desire to harness the energies of the eclipse to level up dramatically or you’re feeling blah about your current life and plateau’ed AF, I’ve got you: in this High Vibe Audio of channeled affirmations of 9D galactic wisdom, entirely tuned to the Cosmic Solfeggio scale, we skip the manifesting line and get on the fast track of the universe!

A personal, all-time favorite of mine, I have been legit listening to it on repeat, like some would have Cowboy Carter by Beyoncé. I hope you love it as much as I loved creating it, gorgeous.

Together, we RISE! 🥂

With all my love, mwah! đź’‹


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