• Main Character Energy

    Hello gorgeous and happy Lions Gate portal! 🦁✨ I hope you’re enjoying this steamy hot cosmic weather wherever you are on Earth and that you’re manifesting all the passion you desire and then some as we enter the infamous Lions Gate portal, aka, the best time of the year to manifest! 🤩 And Venus retro or not, these fiery, intense…

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    In my villain era

    Hi gorgeous ! Happy Venus retrograde in Leo! Whether you’ve been following the astrological events or not, I hope that these Leo vibes are lighting your heart on fire ❤️‍🔥 If the word retrograde triggers you, fear not: what it means is that it is actually the best time to pause and reflect, to review and reassess your thought patterns, behaviors, and…

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    From Hot Mess Express to Manifestation Muse

    Hi beautiful! I hope you’re having a great month of July so far and have had the opportunity to work on your tan a little, or at least soak in some vitamin D — and if you’re like me, with a side of vitamin Sea! If not, don’t worry: you’re 6 minutes and 40 seconds away from manifesting your dream vacay,…

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    Blame it on the stars (but do feel all the feels!)

    Hello gorgeous ! I hope your summer is bringing you a healthy dose of surprises, adventure, and beautiful encounters! I have to say, this is all I would ask for during Cancer season, and, oh my stars, did it deliver so far! I could tell you about my jetskiing adventures and my paddle accident and how I ended up with…

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    Riding the emotional wave: the roadmap to self-actualization and energetic neutrality

    Hey gorgeous! As Venus enters the exuberant sign of Leo, I hope your heart is buzzing and that you are feeling the love vibes in the air! And speaking of love vibes… Have you been experiencing a strong emotional wave lately? Because spoiler alert, it totally is in the cosmic energies of the moment! But, fear not: emotional waves are not only part of…

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