Unleash your inner temptress 101

Hot Girl Summer Vibes

Hello sweetness!  I hope you’re already loving the incoming vibes… Summer is upon us ☀️ The current cosmic program is taking us from a super flighty (and flirty!) Gemini season, jam-packed with a Gemini stellium, solar flares, auroras (I mean, what?), and, ahem, a grand square to Saturn that has been screaming “boundaries” (balance, right?)… …to a drool-worthy, super emotional and feminine AF…

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50 shades of feminine emotions… Part 2

Hello gorgeous , and happy full moon in Leo! 🌕 If you’re feeling aaaall the drama right now, that’s absolutely normal — and a perfect time to release it (that’s what full moons are for!). And so, Leo moons are all about the aforementioned drama, self-expression, and the inner child. Leo is the performer of the Zodiac, after all! If that…

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Becoming the Muse: the Shero’s journey

Hello, gorgeous, and happy winter solstice! ❄️ I hope that your winter is warm, soft, and fuzzy in all the right places! As we enter Capricorn season, with Mercury retrograde in full effect, now is the time for deep rest and review of this past cycle around the Sun — that’s when new year resolutions start to creep in, but more importantly,…

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Erotic Expression

Hi gorgeous !  I hope you made it out alive of Scorpio season and are now on track for a very chill and cozy Sagittarius szn! But no matter the astrological season of the year or the current phase of the moon, I hope that you know that being a woman is a superpower, no matter what society tells you, babe. And one of…

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How beautiful

Hello gorgeous !  I hope you’re doing beautifully in this admittedly very sexual and intense new moon in Scorpio. Unlike the picture above would have you imagine, I am writing you from the bottom of my couch, lying under my blanket, and, full disclosure, having a quite intense episode of period pain. You probably get what I’m saying, and I’m pretty…

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