Hot Girl Summer Vibes

Hot Girl Summer Vibes

Hello sweetness! 

I hope you’re already loving the incoming vibes… Summer is upon us ☀️

The current cosmic program is taking us from a super flighty (and flirty!) Gemini season, jam-packed with a Gemini stellium, solar flares, auroras (I mean, what?), and, ahem, a grand square to Saturn that has been screaming “boundaries” (balance, right?)…

…to a drool-worthy, super emotional and feminine AF cancer season, this time topped with a juicy Strawberry moon, aka the Capricorn Full moon on June 21, that will serve as your yearly opportunity to heal your past in relationships, start nurturing that soul connection you were lurking for so long (yes, that one), and to skinny dip into your divine feminine essence!

Vibes, right? 🍹✨

And you bet your favorite girls’ girl has been crafting quite the cocktail of audible treats for the goddess you are… And you will find them all in the latest episode of SPIRITUAL SLUT the podcast!

On the menu: divine feminine codes, polarity 101 (think attachment styles, but from an elevated, energetic perspective), an easy peasy tantric practice channeled from the Hathors, and last but not least, a #HotGirlSummer light language activation so that you can press “play” on the frequency of beauty, femininity, sensuality, playfulness, and love! Whew! 😍

If that doesn’t help you set the mood right for the summer… I don’t know what will, beautiful !

PS: I also serve the tea on my personal #HotGirlSummer (hint: we got off the Twin Flame rollercoaster! Wait, what?!)

Eavesdrop or dive deep with me on your favorite listening platform by clicking below! I look forward to see you on the show, gorgeous! 

With all my love… Mwah! 💋


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