Body Love Affirmations

Body Love Affirmations

Hi gorgeous!

I hope all is well in your world today and that you feel absolutely vibrant! 

And speaking of vibrant… We all know that a toned and slender body, glowing skin, and gorgeous hair are the external reflection of your body’s vitality and overall health, and the result of a combination of various daily practices, be it movement, diet, time in nature, proper sleep hygiene, or meditation… But how many of us have found ourselves self-sabotaging, and ultimately failing to honor our commitment to a healthy routine? Or, on the contrary, beating ourselves into shape and turning dieting and nutrition into punishment – instead of nourishment? Not to mention trying to hide the external symptoms of a not-so-vibrant health with temporary beauty fixes of any kind – without addressing the root causes of the problem… Don’t beat yourself up if this has been your experience: healing is a journey with its twists and turns, and I have definitely been there myself more times than I can count!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m all about the aligned actions that follow the clarity of a vision, and I have witnessed first hand the incredible healing ability of my own body – the moment I decided to trust its intelligence. I believe that the combination of inner alignment and actions rooted in love really is the key to incredible health. It is from that place that I’ve been able to experience the most amazing physical healing and overall transformation – and I wish the same for you, babe!

And so, I have recorded my personal favorite affirmations for that purpose, the ones I have been using over the years with great success. Consider it my gift to you! 💖

These affirmations are designed to help you realign with your desire for a beautiful body in amazing shape: you will be able to recommit to your physical health from a place of integrity rather than a place of scarcity, to reconnect to your body’s innate intelligence and let it guide you towards its natural state of vibrant health in its own way, and, ultimately, to develop a relationship of genuine love towards the magnificent vessel for life that your body is

Oh, and I have sprinkled a bit of the NLP I am renowned for in there… Because words are vibrations… And simple techniques such as conversational hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programing (aka NLP) are powerful means of delivering the meaning of the words (and their vibrations!) deeper into your psyche. Expect a total vibe makeover with this one! 

Let these affirmations be the foundation for your lifestyle’s changes, and use them as a springboard to your own physical transformation! Allow yourself to soak them in, and notice the emotion you get from them: you will definitely feel the emotion of the affirmations you need the most in your body – often in the form of butterflies in the stomach, or tingles around your solar plexus… 

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Enjoy! 🦋✨



  1. Sandy
    January 30, 2024 / 11:38

    I really like your blog!

  2. Leona
    February 7, 2024 / 17:35

    Cool website

  3. Teresa
    February 8, 2024 / 07:26

    I love your vibe!

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