Wealth energetics: 10 things I learned from dating a billionaire

Wealth energetics: 10 things I learned from dating a billionaire

As I reflect on where my next level is going to get me, and in perfect alignment with the current cosmic energies (hello, Mercury retrograde and new moon solar eclipse in Aries!), I’ve been reminiscing on my latest major up-levels and how they lay the groundwork for where I intend to go next. If you listen to SPIRITUAL SLUT the podcast, then you’ve heard me say that I have been deep into a season of transforming my relationship with wealth. And yes, this is coming from someone who has already experienced wild financial success as a solopreneur.

Let me tell you: it’s true what they say on Twitter. You will indeed learn more from billionaires and their autobiographies (that was the quote) than you would from any money mindset coach or millionaire mindset book. As you would expect from yours truly, I am here to tell the story! And most importantly, I’m here to share with you my discoveries in the wealth energetics department. Because I, of all people, know the power of a deeply transformative experience (3/5 Manigen represents!) and how it can really shape you into a version of yourself you never suspected was available. And as much as I love reading books and getting coached, being in the energy of people who make big money moves 24/7 just hits different. There’s nothing like ultra-close proximity.

Before you disqualify yourself and think to yourself, “Yeah, right, she was already hitting seven figures before anyway—never happening in my world!”, stay with me: I’ve downgraded myself quite a bit since my solopreneur era. As I’ve written before, my story isn’t a rag-to-riches kind of story by any stretch of the imagination. However, I have experienced my own brand of rag (on my own volition, I must say), and if you’ve followed me for a while, then you know we play life on hard here! Not necessarily hard as in grueling, but as something that has required me to develop skills and mastery. And so, a few mishaps are to be expected. No big deal: I’ve decided I’m here to normalize courage!

And so, you’d probably be surprised if you saw the current place I live in: a pretty basic one-bedroom apartment—with sea views, admittedly. No fancy home decor, though. No marble bathroom either. Quite the downgrade considering where I had been living before… I grew up in a manor. I’ve lived in million-dollar condos. In fact, my previous condo even had a rooftop jacuzzi. I could be sipping sparkling organic kombucha by the pool of my new Ibicenca villa right now. But that’s not what I’ve chosen to do yet

And I don’t want to be one of these manifestation teachers that will guilt-trip you into expanding so far that it becomes ridiculous: “live in a bigger house”, they say; “stretch yourself”, they say… That’s cool if that’s aligned for you at the time, but allow me to be the one to remind you that we’re not doing this for the cool tiktoks or for the Instagrammable posts, and certainly not for the next Chad who’ll grace the cover of our bed. I’ve personally chosen to invest (a high-frequency move, by the way) six figures in my dream biz and in mentorship (as well as in a little two-year sabbatical on the island of Ibiza) instead of spending them, or should I say blowing them, on a luxury rental on the island. As much as I love spacious bathrooms with pink Patagonia marble, my version of a luxe AF, boujee babe life is making 5 or 6 figure days, not months, passively, ASAP. Chad will have to make peace with that—and he’s welcome to upgrade me in the meantime, lol. 

And speaking of being upgraded, I’ve dated guys who footed that bill quite swiftly. I’ve dated a billionaire… and a half. Another guy I dated was worth 0.5 billion, if that counts. The past couple of years have been quite the whirlwind; you saw it all unfold in real time on my Instagram. Think calling an architectural gem overlooking the most beautiful bay in Thailand home; holidays on a superyacht and jetski adventures in the Mediterranean; private chefs and first class flights; five-star hotels and Michelin restaurants in European capitals, Paris, London, Barcelona, you name it; weekends in Rome just because I wanted to eat pasta there; high-touch business mentorship and five-figure instant bank transfers as birthday gifts; TV personalities and famous DJs coming home for dinner; and also me refusing to fly in a private plane because I just didn’t feel like having dinner in Amsterdam that evening, lol (not to be missed, as I’ll buy my own plane later). In other words, I started having #RichPeopleProblems by proxy.

You bet yours truly has been sitting at very interesting tables, to say the least. And so, in this article, I would like to share with you the 10 most important wealth energetics truths I’ve learned from the 3-comma club dudes during our pillow talks and while sitting at their table for nearly two years, as someone who deeply understands the language of energy (hello, I’m a psychic medium) and whose mission is to empower women to create their reality of choice with universal wisdom and energetic principles. 

And while I can’t promise you that after having read this blog post, you will become a billionaire within the next 2 business days (I’m still working on it, or should I say, allowing it myself), I can confidently say that it will move your energy in all the right places. Embrace the triggers, honey; it’s good for your spiritual growth! You know that I didn’t make you come here to serve basic bitch spirituality, “abundance mindset”, “gratitude”, blah blah blah. I know that you brush your teeth, you meditate, and you’re grateful AF as a default state every single day of your life already. Alright… Let’s dive in!

  • #1: They understand that money is a representation of an energetic exchange. They don’t mistake the symbol (dollars, for instance) for the actual thing. While you view money as simply dollar bills, coins, or numbers in your banking balance, billionaires understand that those things are just a more or less tangible representation of an energetic exchange. And so, it’s not the digits in their account or the green paper they’re after, but the value that they represent, be it time or location freedom, power, services, or material goods. They also understand that the way they deal with their own power, time freedom, and the services or goods they might offer ultimately informs the way they deal with money—a representation of the aforementioned. Billionaires never have money problems: they have energy exchange issues.
  • #2: They move first. Money follows. Billionaires don’t wait until they have the money to make moves. In fact, they move first, and then they expect the money to come. Since money is the representation of an energetic exchange, they understand that there has to be, well, an exchange. Exchanging energy is how they make moves (see point #1), and their finances reflect that back to them, not the other way around. Making moves doesn’t only mean “buying” or “spending”, by the way. Offering a service is a move. Opening a business is a move. Selling is a move. Anything you can think of that involves an exchange is a money move. 
  • #3: They expect opportunities. Key word: expect. They don’t wish for someone to show up unannounced with a miraculous opportunity on a silver platter. They know what they want, and they go after it, not in the energy of doubt, “I don’t know if I can make it happen”, but in the energy of confidence in both themselves and the universe, “I am making this happen, and God/Source/Universe is on my side”. They understand that manifestation is a process of co-creation with the universe, and they are masters at the art of balancing taking their actions with being open to the universe’s better plans. They know to do their part, and they don’t have so much ego to think that they’re the only ones making it happen. They don’t just “let go” and allow: they expect.
  • #4: They dropped the millionaire mindset a long time ago. In fact, they consider most of the things you’ll learn in self-help business or millionaire mindset books typical of a poor person’s mindset. At best, they will affectionately scoff at it because, to them, it’s kindergarten level. If that triggers you, think about what your money mindset was like when your parents started giving you pocket money, and how much it has evolved since then. Chances are, you see things 1000 times bigger now when you look at your financial reality. A billion is 1000 millions. The level of expansion is the same. My guy called me a baby entrepreneur when I’m now a 2x founder, with my previous and first business having been an upper 6-figure business (7-figure business if you count in US dollars) in under two years. It’s only when I started discussing with him my business plan for my current venture (we’re a few months in at the time of writing this!) with projected 7-figure months that he started taking me seriously and teaching me the ropes.
  • #5: They don’t confuse the streams with the source. And they have many of those. You’ve probably read somewhere that “rich people have more than [insert random number here] streams of income”. It really doesn’t matter how many streams of income they have: this is a mind-based construct that has nothing to do with wealth, which is a frequency. And if you’ve listened to me talk on the podcast, then you’ve heard me say that there is no point trying to intellectualize a frequency. It’s energy first, baby: billionaires understand this on some level, and their embodying of that frequency (the source of their wealth) manifests into the physical as several streams of income. To them, trying to “set up” streams of income is backward thinking—and truly, it is.

  • #6: They don’t believe. They know. Whether you call it unwavering faith in God, the universe, or themselves, they have exactly zero vibrations of doubt when it comes to making a decision. Their faith isn’t lukewarm. They go all in, like their life depends on it (and it kind of does). Which, by the way, is sexy AF—from a feminine perspective, at least.
  • #7: They take huge risks to reap massive rewards. They know for a fact that your expansion is directly proportional to your courage. They know that in order to reach levels of wealth that no one has before, they must take risks that no one has ever taken. Which often results in their peers and even their business partners calling them crazy regularly (I’ve heard countless stories of how that was actually the bulk of their daily stress load, #PillowTalk). They know that there is a fine line between taking crazy risks and taking huge but calculated risks, and they are masters at navigating it.
  • #8: They dare to play again. It’s one thing to not be afraid to lose. But that’s beginner-level for them. To all the mamas reading this, I’m sure when your baby started walking and falling on their face multiple times a day, you didn’t go, “Oh, let’s stop doing this walking thing… Clearly not safe!” Right? It’s the same for them. If they lose 300 millions… Well, they’ll try again and make another 300 millions anyway. That’s not audacity to them: it’s just second nature. No big deal. And if it is a big deal… They’ll play again anyway for personal revenge, and they will tell the story like a broken record. They just can’t help it.
  • #9: They think in terms of impact, not revenue. Their focus isn’t on “how much can I make from this?”. That’s just an upgraded version of a scarcity mindset (can you see now why they think millionaires are poor people?). Their focus is on, “What impact do I get to make?”. And before you come at me with how rich people are selfish, don’t think about making the world a better place, and aren’t spiritual, let me tell you an uncomfortable truth: just because they think in terms of impact (and therefore, power), doesn’t necessarily mean they have the consciousness of a Buddhist monk. It just means that they understand that money isn’t the energy (sorry, manifestation coaches), but only its symbol (see point #1). The way you decide to use your energy (symbolized by money) in terms of impact and power is really up to you. Good, bad, or neutral, you decide. Free will, baby. Billionaires are no exception to this.
  • #10: They don’t spend. They invest (and then they forget about it). Where you would buy a house “to feel secure”, they buy an investment property to add to their passive income. And then they forget they even bought it in the first place. My guy told me one year into our relationship that he owned a castle in Bordeaux, avec vineyard. He forgot to mention it for a full year because he almost forgot about it. Talk about a chill vibe with money! 
  • #11: They accept help. That’s a bonus point, primarily for my own ego, lol. I was just reminded recently of how my dudes know to ask for, accept, and offer help, too (they’re great at the latter for a reason!). Regardless of how much they earn, stack, or multiply, they put their ego aside whenever their next big move requires it. They don’t even call that help, actually; they call it building alliances. That’s how they know who their allies truly are: by exerting their faith and practicing the receiving and providing of another form of… Well, wealth. After all, money is a representation of energy; therefore, wealth is the abundance of energy that can be symbolized by money.

Vibes, right? 

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I hope you enjoyed this article, babe! Feel free to drop me a love note in the comments below if you did! Mwah 💋

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