In my villain era

In my villain era

Hi gorgeous !

Happy Venus retrograde in Leo!

Whether you’ve been following the astrological events or not, I hope that these Leo vibes are lighting your heart on fire ❤️‍🔥

If the word retrograde triggers you, fear not: what it means is that it is actually the best time to pause and reflect, to review and reassess your thought patterns, behaviors, and ultimately your choices on a few topics — and from a manifestation perspective, since your beliefs create your reality, we do want this software update!

With Venus being the star of the show until September [sigh]we’re dealing with money and relationships at large

In other words, while it might not be the best time to make a significant investment both financially and relationship-wise (who else here was hoping for a hot girl summer filled with mind-blowing sexcapades?), it is however the perfect time to take a look at the damage you’ve already done in these departments (not saying that the mind-blowing sexcapades won’t happen, by the way, just try and remember not to be too quick to label these bright-eyed and bushy-tailed encounters as marriage material).

And if, like yours truly, you’ve been diligently doing the work already and are finding yourself reaping the rewards of having decent boundaries and a lot more clarity in your life this summer (if not, now is your chance!), you might also be discovering the flip side of the coin: cue your Villain Era™️!

The good news is, you don’t care anymore: you’re becoming unapologetic AF, you’re acting in total integrity and perfect alignment with your values, and best of all, you feel self-expressed like it’s no one’s business (it truly isn’t, indeed!). I mean, are we feeling these Leo vibes, yes or… Yes?

But with bold self-expression comes polarization (that’s the scientific term for “triggering AF”, by the way), and since we are here to review the damage we’ve done… We might as well review and acknowledge all the growth and positive change that caused it, right?

Hence my latest podcast episode, In My Villain Era, in which I share with you the 3 patterns that I have healed and the breakthroughs I had, from the perspective of your Scorpio stellium with big Sag energy bestie, aka that girl who initiated a Manifestation group chat (#GirlsWhoManifest) and doubles as a personal love coach when her phone isn’t on DND.

I let you in on what I call my “Big sister wound” and how it shaped my relationships, namely with women in my life. I discuss being an enabler to those with a victim mindset and share my most helpful reframes and epiphanies to become the bravest, boldest version of myself and live in accordance with the new paradigm of the Aquarian Age. Expect to hear the usual astrology golden nuggets (Lunar nodes, anyone?), some human design, and a lot of pragmatic spirituality for you to incorporate into your life, too!

I look forward to see you in the episode, babe! Mwah! 💋


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