Some skin in the game: how you’re ruining your manifestation (and what to do about it)

Some skin in the game: how you’re ruining your manifestation (and what to do about it)

Hi, gorgeous angel! 

I hope you are sporting the sexiest tan lines right now and, hopefully, zero added sunspots 👙☀️

It seems like my soul has signed up for a life of adventures and, dare I say, extreme experiences — my entire face getting burned to the second degree being one of them. In retrospect, it now makes me laugh that I can get away with this stage of gravity in the physical injury department, while not so long ago I would flip out if I had just one pimple sitting proudly but not-so-pretty on my T zone.

Ego is one thing that can truly ruin your life for no reason… If you let it. And it can definitely give you all the big, roller coaster-worthy bouts of emotion. If you’ve listened to any of the previous episodes of the podcast, you know how big of an advocate I am for expressing and, most importantly, feeling our emotions all the way through, for they carry an important message and tremendous wisdom within themselves.

Emotions, namely the aforementioned big ones, show you exactly where your attachment lies, or rather, they show you precisely where you have work to do to be detached from whatever is occurring in your world. In other words, big emotions show you where you are ruining your manifestation 😬

If you feel called out, don’t sweat it out, babe: we all have to go through the motions (emotions are just energy in motion, after all), and the more grace we give ourselves, the more permission we give ourselves to be in our feelings, and the quicker we can find alignment again. This is coming from someone who made literally all the mistakes in the self-development book!

And so, in this episode of SPIRITUAL SLUT the podcast, you get to hear the usual deep dive into my emotional process, how this skin incident was the perfect metaphorical situation for a lesson on being truly detached from a manifestation’s outcome, and how this made me a better, more conscious self-healer.

I also talk about how FOMO can show up in the most insidious ways, how it ruins your manifestations in all areas of your life, be it your romantic relationships, your career, or even your healing journey, and what to do about it: the line 3/5 in me (that’s a Human Design profile, if you’re new here) is here to save the day with practical solutions always! 🤓

And since we’re all up for romantic stories and tips during this hot AF Venus in Leo transit, the freediver in me dives even deeper on the romantic side of things for you: my personal process with The Significant Other™, how I dealt with my emotions lately, my most recent breakthroughs and epiphanies — I spill it all!

Anyway, if there’s just one thing to take away here, it’s that your big emotions are not the problem, babe. You can learn how to alchemize emotional frigidity into emotional mastery and, ultimately, how to manifest passion in your relationship. It is the work of my lifetime, and I’m sharing it so you don’t have to get burned in the process like yours truly did! 🔥

Bonus! I share with you an exclusive preview of my latest hypno meditation release, Main Character Affirmations, available now!

I hope you get as much pleasure listening to this one as I did recording it for you, beautiful ! Mwah! 💋


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