Crystals are cool, but have you tried emotional mastery?

Cosmic love, baby: my journey as a lovergirl and channel bringing galactic wisdom for 5D love

Hello, gorgeous ! I hope that Taurus season is treating you well now that Mercury retrograde in Aries is over, eclipse season is well behind us, and the Scorpio full moon, aka the most intense full moon of the year, has emotionally purged us! This past Aries season has notoriously been the worst Aries season in the history of Aries seasons—at…

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Becoming your Highest Self

Hi gorgeous, and welcome back to another edition of the #GirlsWhoManifest digest! There are a lot of new faces in the community, and it just so happens that I am an ever evolving being (aren’t we all?), so, allow me to reintroduce myself a little—and tell you a story… My name is THEODORA—yes, I like it all caps for some reason.…

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The myth of healing: change the frequency, baby

Some people seem to believe that healing is something that you do once and for all. That’s not really how it works. You’ve probably heard about the concept of the spiritual onion and how healing (we’ll call it this way) happens in layers.  And mind you, that’s true to some extent. Healing can be a very important part of your…

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Hypnosis and NLP are cancelled: time for new modalities in the Age of Aquarius

I’ve earned quite a reputation as an award-winning erotic hypnotist. Mind you, I grew up in a household of psychotherapists, with a father who writes books about NLP and hypnotherapy and a mother who uses hypnosis in her practice. Needless to say, I learned the tricks of the trade while growing up and literally learning my mother tongue.  And so,…

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Boujee Babe

Hello, gorgeous, and happy Pisces season! I hope you are feeling abundantly inspired and imaginative AF, as this super romantic water sign dominates the cosmos! The most healing full moon of the year, aka the Virgo full moon, is upon us next Saturday. And so, now is the perfect time to release all the ways you’ve been trying to control and…

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