Crystals are cool, but have you tried emotional mastery?


I’ve earned quite a reputation as an award-winning erotic hypnotist. Mind you, I grew up in a household of psychotherapists, with a father who writes books about NLP and hypnotherapy and a mother who uses hypnosis in her practice. Needless to say, I learned the tricks of the trade while growing up and literally learning my mother tongue.  And so,…

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Boujee Babe

Hello, gorgeous, and happy Pisces season! I hope you are feeling abundantly inspired and imaginative AF, as this super romantic water sign dominates the cosmos! The most healing full moon of the year, aka the Virgo full moon, is upon us next Saturday. And so, now is the perfect time to release all the ways you’ve been trying to control and…

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For life to give you lemons… A word about beliefs

Working on your beliefs is something that’s all the rage right now in the spiritual space. And while I think that’s amazing… There’s so much more to it. In fact, what I know to be true is that your beliefs are probably less than 1% of what you need to manifest. But here’s the thing: without this one percent, you…

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Becoming the Muse: the Shero’s journey

Hello, gorgeous, and happy winter solstice! ❄️ I hope that your winter is warm, soft, and fuzzy in all the right places! As we enter Capricorn season, with Mercury retrograde in full effect, now is the time for deep rest and review of this past cycle around the Sun — that’s when new year resolutions start to creep in, but more importantly,…

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I choose to believe

Hello gorgeous angel girl, and happy Sagittarius new moon! As a big Sag’ energy myself, I couldn’t be more excited for this new moon. Sagittarius is a lover of truth, an idealist, an optimist, and a big believer in the highest human potential. All of this to say, that no other new moon says “I believe” louder and clearer than a…

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