Main Character Energy

Main Character Energy

Hello gorgeous and happy Lions Gate portal! 🦁✨

I hope you’re enjoying this steamy hot cosmic weather wherever you are on Earth and that you’re manifesting all the passion you desire and then some as we enter the infamous Lions Gate portal, aka, the best time of the year to manifest! 🤩

And Venus retro or not, these fiery, intense Leo vibes are here to propel us to the front row, or should I say, to the center of the stage, in order to embody that main character energy we low-key know we were cast for. After all, what’s the point of that movie we call life if we’re not the lead actress in it?

And so, since we’re done caring what other people think and we’ve healed our people-pleasing tendencies, since we’ve learned to say no and to assert boundaries for ourselves (if you’re still working on all that, that’s okay too!), now is the perfect time to step into the role of the main character in the movie of your life, babe!

You might feel like, “Fuck yes, but, Theodora… Where do I start? Am I ready, like really?”… You might feel the urge to make bold moves while also needing that extra push, that boost of reassurance that you are it. And that, babe, is probably the part where we blame it on Venus retrograde and its complex and admittedly confusing energy 🤓

What if, instead of focusing on the problem — in this case, reminiscences of people-pleasing tendencies — we focused on the solution, aka, becoming the main character (and being unapologetic about it)? As Abraham Hicks would say, staying in problem mode has only gotten us so far, and I couldn’t agree more, hence my approach to healing and empowerment at large and my Main Character Affirmations 👸

This rampage of affirmations is designed to help you reconnect with your boldest self, embody it, and try it on for size (and likely also for good!), using NLP techniques, Theta binaural beats, and the healing Solfeggio frequency of 528 Hz.

This audio is not your classic guided meditation. Rather, it is a rapid, dynamic recording of 8 minutes containing hypnotic elements that can be listened to while walking (we recommend a manifestation power walk!) or doing a light activity (light your gym warmup, for example), whenever you need a pick-me-up! Listen as much as desired! 🎧✨

Mwah! 💋


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