Be a Manifestation Muse

Be a Manifestation Muse

Hello gorgeous, and happy eclipse season!

Eclipses are the portals of time and destiny; they are pockets of time that provide the opportunity for quantum leaps and timeline hops, if you are prepared for them. It’s a time where souls on Earth are required to step further into who they came here to be, deepen their connection to their purpose, and let go of what’s not aligned anymore.

As we start off beautifully with a full moon in Libra, the sign of justice and balance, the memo for the collective is: get honest about what our values are, reconsider what we are here to defend and what we want to bring justice to, and let go of what’s not aligned anymore in this department. Libra speaks to values and relationships at large (Venusian energy, ftw!). The house of your astrological chart where you have Libra indicates the area of your life that could potentially undergo a total makeover.

Full moons, in general, are times of harvest. Whatever intention you planted in the corresponding new moon six months ago will have ripened enough by now for you to reap the fruits of your labor. For me, this cycle was about career and public image.

Six months ago, I was rebranding SPIRITUAL SLUT the podcast, shot a new cover, and re-recorded the intro jingle and outro—talk about Libra energy and its aesthetic sense! During these six months, I stepped further into my influencer era and started my blog, I stepped further into what I was here to defend: the inherent creative power of the feminine—the name of the blog says it all! I rewrote all my bios across the internet, committed to my purpose even deeper, and recorded no less than 40 High Vibe Audios for my meditation platform. And, for the past few weeks, as the energy of this eclipse was building up, I started reaping the rewards of that intense work.

Saying I’ve experienced one of the most beautiful uplevelings of my life is an understatement. I’ve never felt more aligned. I’ve harnessed the courage required of me to step up, and as a result, I now feel immense peace and satisfaction—the Manigen’s signature emotions of alignment! That 6-month cycle required me to stop trying to please people with my work, to be more assertive and polarizing, and to blaze my trail. And I showed up.

Chances are, babe, that you received a similar upgrade in your career, family, relationships, spirituality, sexuality, finances, or any other area. Eclipses are known to be times of engagements, marriages, and pregnancies. It could also mean a revolution in your finances. Starting a new biz. Getting a new job. Or maybe moving to a new country! We’re talking quantum leaps, honey.

And if you have yet to experience a timeline hop, maybe this lunar cycle is an invitation for you to truly let go of what doesn’t serve you. It’s a full moon, baby. And so, it’s possible that this eclipse will have the effect of a tornado as it wipes your path clean. It’s not uncommon for people to lose their job, to see their misaligned career fall apart, or to lose clients if their career wasn’t in alignment for the eclipse. The same applies to relationships. Eclipses are infamously known for being times of separation, breakups, divorces, and potential losses of any kind.

I have three Aries friends, and this full moon is currently opposing their natal Sun. They are getting hit hard. They are required to shed their identity, let go of layers and layers of their ego, and be more authentic and honest with themselves. If your Sun is in Aries, don’t panic: your getting triggered left, right, and center is part of your current process. And I’ve never seen a difficult or challenging lunar eclipse cycle that wasn’t also extremely enlightening. I’ve spoken to how the previous 18 months (a full lunar node cycle, represented by the eclipses) before that cycle were hitting me hard on my Scorpio Venus conjunct Pluto—in other words, intense transformation in love. It’s what allowed me to birth my High Vibe Audio bundle, Level Up in Love, into the physical. I had never, in my entire life, experienced such profound healing. I talk about this extensively on the recent episode of the show SS024 – Becoming the Muse: The Shero’s Journey.

All of this to say, gorgeous, that there’s beauty in every part of your journey. And there is potential for elevation in every part of your process. I am here to remind you that you can always realign. You can always begin again. You can always reinvent yourself. You can always create your life anew. And you can always manifest whatever you desire.

And speaking about that… My latest bundle, the Manifestation Muse bundle, is a collection of High Vibe Audios that I had initially channeled and recorded for my own use as precious and potent tools to support myself in my own process of reinvention. It’s the perfect blend of visualizations, which I call my Guided Energetic Experiences, and affirming meditations that you can tap along to, EFT tapping style, to supercharge your practice. There’s nothing like it on the internet. In fact, I created these High Vibe Audios because I could not find anything like them anywhere.

And so, whether you need to clarify and connect energetically to your vision, transcend your triggers and alchemize your projections, or protect your energy and realign as needed, there will be a High Vibe Audio to help with that in the Manifestation Muse bundle. It contains some of my personal favorites that I have been (to this day!) listening to religiously for my own elevation.

I consider this bundle one of my best works of art, and I can’t wait for you to experience its potency, gorgeous!

To your manifested life,

Mwah 💋


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