Erotic Expression

Erotic Expression

Hi gorgeous ! 

I hope you made it out alive of Scorpio season and are now on track for a very chill and cozy Sagittarius szn!
But no matter the astrological season of the year or the current phase of the moon, I hope that you know that being a woman is a superpower, no matter what society tells you, babe. And one of the hallmarks of accomplished femininity is unapologetic erotic expression — at least, in yours truly’s opinion!
I was not awarded adult female performer of the year by a very well-known adult brand for no reason, therefore, I believe that erotic expression is one of my natural talents. And it surely is something that I can’t possibly keep to myself… And by this, I don’t just mean to share it with the world as a multi-hyphenate erotic artist of sorts (I’ll spare you all that OnlyFlans worthy content and leave you with the PG-18 visuals we’re serving here!), but also to share it with women like you, so that you can experience being totally free in your sensual, erotic expression in every aspect of your life! ❤️‍🔥
And so as a very psychic, intuitive, connected woman, with my Scorpio Stellium being activated left, right, and center this past lunar month — on top of being a master at serving thirst traps like it was my job (for real, though!) and at taking my clothes off in a drool-worthy, or rather, $2k-a-night-worthy fashion in strip clubs around the world for nearly a decade… What I channeled for you came as an evidence.
To be honest, it had been on my heart to create something like this for a while: when I first created my website with the idea of recording sultry meditations and hypnosis for women, a few titles came to mind immediately, and you bet I still have them in my content buckets section on my Notion app! But the intensity and utmost clarity with which this one came to me, knocking at the door of my crown chakra like no one’s business, felt like a full-blown download straight up from Source (if you need help with that and with inspiration in general, check out this High Vibe Audio) birthed in divine timing as the fruit of the labor of a very passionate Scorpio season for you truly, as she has been playfully enjoying the perks of a long-distance relationship — I’m talking FaceTime sex, dirty talk, sexting and of course astral sex (if you know, you know!).
But before getting too woo-woo (which I am aaallll about!), let’s go back to basics, babe: now that we’ve got the self-love and bodily appreciation part covered (namely in this High Vibe Audio), it’s time to take care of our sensual expressivity!
And so, whether you are an aspiring pornstar or a woman looking to spice it up in the bedroom, my latest High Vibe Audio, Erotic Expression will elevate your experience of your own sensuality in a matter of minutes: that’s the length of this audio, and that’s how powerful affirmations are!
It features a crystal clear vocal recording of the affirmations that have been my personal beliefs for as long as I have had a sex life (in other words, the beliefs of an award-winning adult performer turned spiritual influencer!), binaural beats, Solfeggio frequencies, namely the 528Hz and its lower harmonics, mesmerizing electronic soundscapes, as well as galactic vocals and hypnotic sound effects for an utterly exquisite, pleasurable auditory experience, to be listened to as often as you desire! A sultry cocktail, if you will! 😍
Enjoy babe, and let me know how it goes by leaving me a love note (aka a comment!) right below!

Mwah! 💋


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