Becoming your Highest Self

Becoming your Highest Self

Hi gorgeous, and welcome back to another edition of the #GirlsWhoManifest digest!

There are a lot of new faces in the community, and it just so happens that I am an ever evolving being (aren’t we all?), so, allow me to reintroduce myself a little—and tell you a story…

My name is THEODORA—yes, I like it all caps for some reason. I am an award-winning erotic hypnotist turned spiritual thought leader, and I am the creator of the #HighVibeAudios.

They are my proprietary blend of channeled meditations, rampages of empowering affirmations to tap along to EFT-style, Humanist hypnosis, NLP, energy work, and channeling techniques, layered with binaural beats, theta and alpha frequencies, Solfeggio frequencies, sultry AF electronic loops, and… yours truly’s sexy voice—the voice of a top-selling erotic hypnotist, vocalist, songstress, and voice actress. If you live in France, you might have heard my voice on TV and radio commercials.

These audios are state-of-the-art, never-before-seen (or, rather, heard!) recordings that aren’t just incredibly pleasant to the ears but also speak directly to our generation’s needs in love, sex, relationships, wealth, manifestation, and spirituality. Current top sellers include Boy Stress Blaster, Money Muse, Bombshell Body, Financial Stress Rx and Design Your Dream Man.

I initially created these for the younger version of me, who once was desperate for a “boy stress” meditation that would have sounded like something I’d actually enjoy listening to. All my High Vibe Audios are rooted in the deep desire to better myself and/or realign myself in very specific areas of my life. My genius doesn’t lie in the fact that I’m perfect and I have it all figured out; on the contrary, my talent is my ability to shift my vibe and realign quickly, and to stay willing to look at my shit and to see things from a higher perspective as I navigate the challenges of this journey we call life.

I know this will speak to all women of my generation.

Speaking of generation, I am a second generation psychic medium and channel, fluent in 4 languages, neurodivergent, “on the spectrum” with Asperger, blessed with perfect pitch, and with a gift for learning—I absolutely qualify as a nerd. The subjects I’ve studied include: English creative writing, sound engineering and music production, astrophysics (celestial mechanics in particular), clinical hypnosis, astrology, Human Design, and… channeling techniques. Add the desire to develop emotional mastery and to elevate spiritually to the mix, and you’ve got yours truly, in all of her glory.

If that sounds like a lot, consider me your permission slip in human form to be a lot, and all of it. And I make luxe AF audios for people who want to be all of it, too. Who are ready to embrace a higher perspective and become all of what they truly are: their Highest Self.

And a perfect place to get started, gorgeous… Is the Highest Self bundle.

This is what got me started on my spiritual journey. And my intention is that this is what will help you get started with yours.

These High Vibe Audios are very special to me. They are the first “spiritual audios” I ever recorded (we now have over 30 audios on the platform!). And also the first recordings to have made my girlfriends cry tears of gratitude, as they enthusiastically beta tested these recordings before their official release. 

I have bundled them up, so that you get to experience a very unique auditory journey to start becoming your Highest Self, too.

You comin’, babe?

With so much love, mwah! 💋


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