The myth of healing: change the frequency, baby

The myth of healing: change the frequency, baby

Some people seem to believe that healing is something that you do once and for all. That’s not really how it works. You’ve probably heard about the concept of the spiritual onion and how healing (we’ll call it this way) happens in layers. 

And mind you, that’s true to some extent. Healing can be a very important part of your spiritual journey. But the thing is that it doesn’t have to be your whole process. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a process at all. Let me explain. 

What if your spiritual elevation had more to do with reaching higher frequencies and stabilizing your vibration so that you could stay up there than with removing the lower frequencies from your vibrational escrow (a phrase I’m borrowing from Abraham Hicks)? What if you chose to focus on where you’re going spiritually instead of where you’ve been? What if you could just manifest your healing?

And I agree that there are indeed a million and one ways to do this healing thing. The healing philosophy that seems to have gained the most traction (in the online spiritual space, at least) is the one where you reintegrate disowned parts of yourself. The generation before us appears to be very committed to this process they call healing, and as a result, a plethora of modalities have emerged: inner child healing, inner teenager healing, IFS (aka Internal Family System), and EFT tapping (which is becoming incredibly popular these days), just to name a few. 

Where they differ from what the previous generations were doing is that they don’t solely focus on the problem, like talk therapy does (in case you missed the memo, both of my parents are psychotherapists). If you wonder why people who go to therapy spend literal years, if not decades, of their lives going to sessions and never experience quantum leaps in their lifetime, this is why. They stay on the frequency of the problem. And Albert Einstein said it before me: “You can’t find a solution to a problem by staying on the frequency of the problem.” You can’t find a solution to a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it. Which is just another way to say, raise your frequency, baby.

But I get it: the previous generation still feels heavily tied to lower, denser frequencies. Generational trauma, they say. Past lives, they say. And so on, and so forth. And as a spiritual seeker myself, you bet that I’ve tried all of the aforementioned healing modalities, searching for all of the things that were wrong with me, broken, or needing to be fixed and healed away, searching for past lives and ancestral trauma left, right, and center, and that I even committed to “doing the work” that I was told I was supposed to do to be more spiritually elevated, to be woke. If this isn’t the result of the previous generation conditioning us on how to do spirituality, I don’t know what it is.

And that’s the thing: we are not the previous generation. And our generation has a very different mission and a very different energetic makeup and heritage. We didn’t incarnate with as much trauma to work through. We won’t have the same problems as our parents and ancestors, because they started doing the work, however clumsily. They were the ones who started going to therapy to “fix” themselves. 

But we don’t have to do that. In fact, we don’t need to. Our cute little blue planet, Mother Earth, has now entered the photon band. Almost our entire solar system has, in fact. The photon band is, as the name suggests, a band of light that illuminates and traverses a part of our galaxy that we have named the sign of Aquarius. Barbara Hand Clow, astrologer and author of The Pleiadian Agenda, explains this very clearly and thoroughly (that book is one of my all-time favorites and a must-have for any astrologer). Put it simply: more light means higher consciousness.

My point is that we don’t operate at the same level of consciousness as our parents and the previous generations did — and still do to an extent. And our progeny won’t, either. Different levels of consciousness mean different tools and modalities, and most importantly, different spiritual needs. And, my lovely, I am aware that a lot of us are still operating within the old paradigm of being wounded and of needing fixing. This is why I still use and incorporate some healing affirmations in my High Vibe Audios: so that you can do the integration and healing that you might still feel like you need.

And as a channel, let me tell you what I know: the way we do healing and use healing modalities is vastly different from the way previous generations were doing it. And it’s evolving rapidly. Because for us, it’s not really about tending to these lower and denser frequencies and focusing on how to remove them anymore: it’s about stabilizing our vibration at a higher frequency. And as our frequencies upgrade, our generation will experience pendulum swings before truly stabilizing on these upper frequencies. See where I’m getting at?

Louise Hay has been one of the first to speak about this. In her lecture on How to Navigate Change and Transition, she talks about how, when we heal, we might go back to an old behavior, then move forward again, then back. That’s the pendulum swing effect that I’m talking about. And that’s precisely to alleviate “the swings” that I have recorded my tap-worthy, healing affirmations.

The reason I’m able to share the most appropriate affirmations for very specific life situations isn’t because I got it all figured out and was born perfect and trauma-free. I am able to share the most perfect affirmations for a given situation because I have been (and still go!) through these very pendulum swings. My talent doesn’t lie in being #GoodVibesOnly. My talent lies in the fact that I know to realign and stabilize myself anytime I experience “the swings”. Hear this, babe: the struggle isn’t necessary. 

When enlightened Buddhist masters told you that “suffering is optional”, this is what they meant. What they have failed to tell you is that stabilizing your vibration to this frequency is a process that not everyone has a talent for or is equipped with the right tools for.

You’ve heard me say this before, on the podcast or on my X/Twitter feed. Alignment isn’t something that is one-and-done: it’s something that you maintain. Just like physical health isn’t something you gain one day, and then you’re good. True physical wellness is maintained and lasts over time because you are consistent in making the right choices and actions to maintain and create even more physical wellness for yourself. A fad diet won’t save you, and you know it deep down. 

The same goes for wealth, by the way. If you believe that simply acquiring money, or a large sum of it, will get you all sorted out, you are sadly mistaken. Winning the lottery or becoming a heiress isn’t going to “make” you truly wealthy if you can’t keep your money, grow it, and even multiply it. Wealth is something that you maintain. It’s a frequency that you calibrate to. Every money mentor knows this and preaches it — at least every money mentor I’ve worked with (and I’ve worked with a few!). 

And guess what? Successful, aligned AF people aren’t more healed than you. But they do have two things: first, faith in where they’re headed. Second, the willingness to look at their shit and transmute it. If you lack either faith in your vision or radical honesty with yourself, you will stay stuck in cycles and call it karma.

It really is that simple. Truth is the highest frequency. And so, radical self-honesty is not just a way to heal yourself: it’s a way to upgrade your frequency. More light in your body. I don’t know about you, but I want my vibe to be pristine. I’ll confront my triggers like it’s my job. 

Have the courage to be radically honest with yourself and to acknowledge that you’re doing this thing again that you thought you’d stopped doing. To acknowledge, with compassion for yourself, that you’re “swinging”. You might have called this “spiraling down” in the past, but the thing is, maybe it’s not even that low anymore. I have billionaire friends and relatives, and they think the so-called “Millionaire mindset” is a poor people mindset. Perspective, baby.

And let’s be clear: I’m not advocating for spiritual bypassing. On the contrary. I’ll say this on repeat, but the material plane offers a materialized, tangible representation of your inner reality. It’s the perfect mirror of who you truly are. You project onto others so you can see it reflected back to you. And the thing is, that is all you need. 

You don’t need past life regression therapy; that’s why you forgot your past lives in the first place! Because you don’t need to remember! You’ve already been forgiven for past mistakes. You got your fresh start. Same player, new life! There’s no karma to clear either, because karma simply means “action” in Sanskrit, and you can act in the now. And when you change how you act in the present, your soul evolves in all timelines, in all past and future lives (also, time isn’t linear, but we’ll save that for another… time). Our consciousnesses are awakening to the reality of this. Even science, and quantum physics in particular, are catching up and getting the memo! The 3D isn’t a bad plane to exist on: it’s the mirror you didn’t know you needed. 

Cue the #LOASS baby priestesses (aka manifestation newbies) tweeting: “If you don’t like your 3D, ignore it”. No, boo. Your 3D is shitty because your internal reality is. You can ignore the mirror all you want; it won’t take off the salad in your teeth. The 3D is a mirror to help you fix yourself.

And that is all you need. Healing is a myth. But you do have the best of mirrors to see where you can rise to your highest potential. And if you don’t like what you see… Just change the frequency, baby.

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