Hypnosis and NLP are cancelled: time for new modalities in the Age of Aquarius

Hypnosis and NLP are cancelled: time for new modalities in the Age of Aquarius

I’ve earned quite a reputation as an award-winning erotic hypnotist. Mind you, I grew up in a household of psychotherapists, with a father who writes books about NLP and hypnotherapy and a mother who uses hypnosis in her practice. Needless to say, I learned the tricks of the trade while growing up and literally learning my mother tongue. 

And so, while as a performing artist, I had never destined myself to a career remotely related to hypnosis, I somehow ended up incorporating all this knowledge into my artistic, and dare I say, sulfurous creative endeavors — accidentally becoming internet famous for a hot minute in the process. 

And here are things that I have come to understand as a multi-hyphenate wordsmith who has been writing pretty much anything from pop songs and spoken word to hypnosis scripts and meditations, and more recently, guided visualizations and rampages of empowering affirmations.

Hypnosis and NLP practitioners will all tell you, “The subconscious doesn’t understand negation.”. What that means is that you have to word your hypnotic suggestions without the words “not” or “don’t” for them to be integrated the right way. Whatever scientific evidence you use to justify or explain the psychology, this is a mind-based perspective — as in, a perspective that operates from the mental plane of consciousness.

And that’s great for those of us who are doing exactly that: operating from the mental plane. Shitty beliefs? Work on your mindset. Your mindset isn’t serving you? Then you have to tend to how you operate on the mental plane. Simple.

But that’s not where we’re going. And by we, I mean humankind in its entirety. It’s the age of Aquarius, baby; here, we arrive at a fork in the road, where we, as a collective, have to make a choice. We have to choose how we’re doing life from now on: are we choosing to operate from the mind or… from the heart? Are we choosing to go full-blown with mental intelligence — cue the technological innovations, the mind-base science progress, and the rise of artificial intelligence — or to operate from a heart-centered space, where the highest form of intelligence is emotional, where the most advanced technologies already exist within you (hello, kundalini awakenings!), and where we don’t rely on artificial intelligence and logic, but on our own intuition, mediumship, and spiritual abilities to not just predict and course-correct the future, but create it from scratch?

Chances are, babe, that if you’re reading this, you’re already contemplating choosing that second path. The path of the heart. The path where we drop the logic and shoot for the stars (quite literally… #GalacticConsciousness incoming — more on that another time). The path where we create our reality based on our soul’s true desires using our energy as the most powerful technology in the universe.

And that’s precisely why hypnosis is cancelled. Why NLP is cancelled. And why mindset work is cancelled, too. Not because these modalities don’t work… But because we don’t operate on that plane anymore. It’s energy first, physical reality last — the mind is just there to keep you safe. It’s a safety net. But too much of that safety net around you, and you can’t move an ear. Feel me?

Now, let’s go back to how the subconscious doesn’t understand negation. From an energetic standpoint, that’s just a simplified way of saying, “Don’t focus on what you don’t want; instead, focus on what you do want”. And that, babe, is manifesting 101. So, of course, the subconscious doesn’t understand negation, but most importantly, the vibe, the energetic focus, is set on the wrong side of things. 

And that’s also why your affirmations aren’t working: if you don’t see any shift in your reality from affirming what you desire to manifest, it’s time to look at how you’re vibing with your affirmations. Maybe you’re just starting your spiritual journey and are borrowing other people’s affirmations for now and trying them on for size — cool. Now, anywhere you don’t see any progress is where you aren’t truly vibing with your affirmations. The key here is to be radically honest with yourself: are you triggered by an affirmation? Great! Your triggers are your pointers to your freedom (something I learned from emotional mastery coach Alyssa Nobriga). You’re triggered by an affirmation because you believe it’s not possible for you. Or you believe that something bad will happen to you if your affirmation becomes your reality. That’s where mindset work can help. Bust your limiting beliefs one by one, and hopefully one day you’ll be sporting a squeaky clean mind. Or will you? 

You will hear it from the top mindset coaches in the world: mindset work is a life-long process. You will work on your limiting beliefs all your life. Wait… Do we want to, though? Do we want to spend the rest of our lives cleaning the cobwebs in the dark corners of our minds with the little feather duster? Every single day after meditating for 20 minutes, a morning yoga flow, 10 minutes of earthing, 20 minutes of morning sunlight, and a dairy-free organic matcha latte — or what the fuck ever? Do we have time for one more task on the self-care list? And most importantly, do we have enthusiasm for this? 

I don’t know about you, babe, but for me, a sacral being (and hopefully one of your favorite manigens on the internet), if it’s not a fuck yes, it’s a hell no. No matter what your human design authority is — whether you need to have a conversation with yourself, wait for a full lunar cycle, or wait for your emotional wave to come down after getting triggered by this article (you’re welcome, lol), if you’re still reading, I’m guessing that on some level, you feel the same way.

Mindset work is a pair of scissors to trim down that mental safety net that’s paralyzing you. Quieting your mind and its chatter (meditation, anyone?) so you can connect to the truth of your heart is lifting the safety net so you can move freely again. Are you with me? 

This is why I believe that hypnosis is cancelled. As well as NLP and mindset work at large. I predict that meditation and energy work are the future and that they will dominate the personal development space in the next few years. In fact, it has already started — and I’m not talking about cringe-worthy Tiktok trends (#delulu and #LuckyGirlSyndrome, just to name a few), but about a societal, global movement. 

I believe that empowering affirmations and guided visualizations will become an essential part of our generation’s daily lives. And I believe these will have to be energy-based, emotion-provoking recordings that can move you to tears and shake you to your core. To your soul. Like music does — not like a recorded therapy session does (sorry, mom). I wouldn’t be recording my High Vibe Audios if I believed otherwise.

And I also believe that these recordings will be understood for what they truly are: some of the most powerful and pleasurable tools available to create your desired reality

Hear this, babe: if your reality is not showing you what you want, remember that your material reality is a mirror of your inner world. Change yourself, and watch your reality change. Because affirming is not just about saying words: it’s about being who you say you are.

And so it is. 

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