Boujee Babe

Boujee Babe

Hello, gorgeous, and happy Pisces season! I hope you are feeling abundantly inspired and imaginative AF, as this super romantic water sign dominates the cosmos!

The most healing full moon of the year, aka the Virgo full moon, is upon us next Saturday. And so, now is the perfect time to release all the ways you’ve been trying to control and micromanage your healing process. And if you’re a bit OCD about spiritual growth like yours truly, to instead, romanticize your spirituality.

As a Gemini moon myself, intellectualizing my emotions and, therefore, my healing is something I can do like it’s no one’s business. The silver lining, or the higher octave, if you will, is that I can also talk and write about it like it’s no one’s business 🤓

And so, babe, allow me to share with you the romance that is my current spiritual process. A major, majorrr area of spiritual empowerment for yours truly, thanks to a Pluto transit in my second house of finances and materiality, is, you guessed it… Money. Pluto being such a potent, transformational, and soul-wrenching alchemist, it’s not even about healing anymore: it’s about transcendence. And that’s here to stay, baby — Plutonian transits are decades long!

Now, about my money story…

If you followed me for a while, you might have heard it all on the podcast, and if you’ve known my name for even longer, then you know what sort of businesses and what kind of money I’m used to making! It is no secret that I’ve been running a very successful adult production company, where I produced erotic hypnosis videos, starring only one actress: me! What was really unheard of, though, is that in a matter of months, I was able to generate consistent 4-figure days (yes, days) in sales, sometimes up to $40,000 in a single day.

The adult industry is known to be a billion-dollar industry. And it’s not rare for adult performers to make five-figure months (some pornstars reportedly make up to $80,000 a month) in passive income alone. But what I had created wasn’t exactly fitting the profile of the “classic” pornstar. And as I said on the podcast, I’ve had my fair share of “imposter syndrome” moments, especially when I won my XBIZ award, because, really, how did an erotic hypnotist who happened to have been a professional dancer before end up winning an international award usually reserved to adult actresses in their own right?

What I have come to understand (and it took me a few years!) is that recognition is not based on how well you fit the box. It is based on your impact. And while that recognition can manifest in the form of an award, it usually first translates into financial retribution. And that’s what we’re interested in!

I could tell you how your impact is directly connected to your purpose — in fact, I have a new High Vibe Audio for exactly that. And that is, indeed, a very necessary start to any wealth journey. But there is so much more to it, that I would be doing you a disservice not to share!

What I mean, babe, is that there will be twists and turns along the way. There will be self-discovery. There will be breakthroughs. And there will be healing, too. In that regard, my story is no exception. But my story isn’t the dramatic, film-worthy scenario like many will sell you online either. I didn’t come from a poor upbringing before I got to where I am today. Quite the contrary. I was a spoiled teenager who also happened to have been a child artist, making her own money years before being legally allowed to actually use it. Then I became a top-earning stripper and then a top-earning video performer. The rest is history.

And then I let it all go. Not because I didn’t know how to make bank anymore. Not because I stopped knowing how to hustle, either. But because my soul was calling. For a new path. For innovation. For rebellion. For spiritual elevation. For a new way to impact the world around me. And mind you, I tried to ignore that call for a while — and I ended up almost dying from kidney failure (lol). I started wondering, like everyone around me, starting with my family and friends: what the heck was wrong with me?

And the truth is, nothing was wrong. I just didn’t know I was a manigen, built to reinvent myself many times over the course of my lifetime. I didn’t know I had more to offer the world — because I didn’t believe it, yet. But I knew one thing: I was willing to try something different, and I was willing to go as far as my experiment would take me.

And so, I gave up a stable (albeit very karmic, lol) relationship, an apartment in the heart of Paris, and an award-winning career. I gave up a whole lifestyle, a social circle, and a professional network. It’s not like I lost it all tragically: it was my decision. But it was very much a Tower-card moment nonetheless.

And then I took the plunge and moved to Ibiza on a hunch. I took a year-and-a-half-long sabbatical to heal myself — physically, mentally, and spiritually, with a year worth of savings made with the aforementioned career. And to let myself connect to my soul’s desire and true calling. I chose to believe in myself. I chose to have faith in my destiny.

And then the magic happened: inspiration started pouring out like crazy. My mediumship developed exponentially (mind you, I was already very intuitive). I knew I wanted a spiritual business, and I knew my gifts were in my voice. And I knew it was going to have a massive impact. I knew this much. SPIRITUAL SLUT, the podcast, was born. Then my meditations. Then came my channelings. One step at a time, it all started to make sense. I was still technically out of a job, but I was so consumed by my newfound calling that starting a side job was not an option — and I also wanted to keep my kidneys intact (lol again).

And that’s when even more magic happened! I started receiving financial support left and right. Even though I had not been working for nearly two years at that point, I received financial support from my cousin (he’s half a billionaire, but we had not spoken to each other in a decade) to launch my new business venture. I received financial support from my best friend, whom I consider a sister. I received no-strings-attached, instant five-figure bank transfers from billionaires I met on yachts on holidays, “just because”. It’s like the universe was saying, “Go build this business. Invest in it. Here you are.” And so I did. And there we are. Now, even my close friends are buying my High Vibe Audios without me asking, and they shed tears of gratitude when they listen.

But wait, babe … That’s not the whole story. I had my moments of doubt. I had to face my shadows along the way. All these moments when my ego stepped up, refusing to ask for support because “I’m a top-earning artist… A #1 top-selling performer, even! I am not someone who asks for help!”. I had my conditioned mind step up and say, “Who’s going to financially get behind you building a meditation business based on what you suddenly started channeling?”. I had moments of blocking my own flow. For me, it was not about generational trauma or about limiting beliefs that would have been passed on to me — although these are very real, too. I’ve worked with several money coaches and mentors who speak to that, and it never really resonated with me. I felt like, “Oh, that’s good to know, but, wait… Something is missingThat’s not it.”.

That something, I found, is the understanding that it all starts with faith: in yourself, in the universe and its unconditional support, and in your purpose. Those of you who have already listened to my High Vibe Audios know it: I always speak of a higher power, of an infinite, divine, and cosmic intelligence. I always speak of how the universe is benevolent. The kind of benevolence that once you’ve been blessed by the touch of her finger, it’s just impossible to forget. It’s just impossible to lose faith. And I want you to feel that too, babe.

And here’s the thing: the online spiritual space wants you to work on your limiting beliefs. The online spiritual space wants you to learn a 10-step manifestation process. The online spiritual space wants you to heal your 390 past lives and transmute all your wounds first thing in the morning. To journal, meditate, visionboard your life, have 10 minutes of sunlight in the morning, do yoga while listening to a podcast, do breathwork, go to therapy, workout, build a conscious business, maybe be a mom, too… And maybe also get coached on various life subjects for months on end… Of course, every day of the week! Overwhelming, much?

While all of these are great, and I know, because I tried literally everything on that list (save for being a mom; I’m keeping that one for later), and I gladly share my faves on the podcast… What if we stopped intellectualizing the process that is life and started romanticizing it, following our urges, emotions, and inspirations of the moment? What if we stopped “making feeling good our job” and instead started making our pleasure, passion, and life purpose the best and most pleasurable hobby in the world? 

What if spiritual elevation and wellbeing were something easy and pleasurable that you could do just like you would listen to music — because you desire to?

And what if feeling prosperous, supported by the universe in miraculous ways, and even manifesting the rich AF version of you was that easy and pleasurable?

That, my lovely, is a vibe — and the intention behind my latest High Vibe Audios, which I have packaged and aptly named the Boujee Babe bundleClick the link or the button below to discover it and get all the deets!

I hope this serves you magnificently and helps you romanticize your life in the most magical ways, like it did mine (and still does to this day!), gorgeous ! 

To your vibey, romanticized boujee babe life,

Mwah 💋


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