Level Up in Love

Level Up in Love

Hello gorgeous, and happy Valentine’s season! 💖

Ahhh, this time of the year where our email inbox vomits pink heart emojis, where our social media feed is serving us Barbie-core like it’s its job, and where we either feel anxiety building up by the minute in anticipation for V-day (he will remember, right?)or… the biggest FOMO ever (this situationship isn’t gonna do anything for my fantasized romantic evening, is it?). Am I right or am I right?

No matter where you stand, babe, let me tell you: I have been pretty much everywhere on the spectrum of Valentine’s emotional rollercoaster, from so single and blasée I booked myself a shift at my local strip club, to hopeful AF as I was on a date with my then fiancé, only to end up breaking up with him shortly after the most catastrophic V-date in the history of dating. Saying I’ve done it all is an understatement! 😂

But guess what? There is hope! In fact, I love Valentine’s Day more than ever now. Granted, I’ve always been a sucker for neon pink, and I do love a naughty lingerie set (and can we talk about vibes?). But I haven’t always been that confident (and fulfilled!) of a lover. In fact, I haven’t always been My Own Best Lover ! Far from it! But I learned all the tricks of the trade, so that you don’t have to, babe 💅

And as a lifelong advocate for love, romantic relationships, and femininity (and let’s not forget passionate sex!), there’s no better time of the year to celebrate the aforementioned in style and with a sexy, womanly energy to match. And from an astrological perspective, the Sun will be transiting Human Design Gate 30, the Gate of Desires and Feelings, also known as the Gate of Passion! If this isn’t proof that we, as a collective, are following the cosmic program to a T, I don’t know what is! 

And to add glimmer to fantasy (no insults nor injury here!), we’re warming up (and a lot!) with an Aquarius new moon this Friday, perfect to set the mood and turn up the dial on your self-expression. The vibe is: be bold. Reinvent yourself. Be shocking! But remember to be loving, too — it’s a celebration of love, after all! For the astrological deets, this new moon will be squaring Uranus (that’s the shock factor), itself trining Venus (insert sigh of relief here!).

But Theodora, how do I do all that?” you ask… You bet the big sister you didn’t know you needed has cooked up something for the occasion! And no, it’s not a chocolate mi-cuit (as yours truly can’t cook to save her life), but I promise you it’s at least as yummy! I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of this offering, gorgeous!


Wanna be the most fulfilled, inspiring, and unshakably confident lover you can be? 

I’ve got you, babe! With Level Up in Love, you’ll be armed with all the tools you need to be your most magnetic feminine self at all times and manifest The One!

Here, we:

💖 Bust all your romantic triggers (yes, including the ones that have been ruining your past relationships)

💖 Heal your wounded inner little girl so that you can reclaim control over your romantic life as the Grown Ass Woman you know you are

💖 Transcend the unpleasant emotions that arise in a romantic relationship once and for all

💖 Course-correct your love manifestation while boosting your self-love to the max

💖 Get your vibe just right to manifest The One, of course, in the most pleasurable fashion!

What’s in the bundle? Not one, not two, but 5 High Vibe Audios featuring my very best affirmations for love, my usual cocktail of binaural beats, theta frequencies, and of course, impeccable vibes! 💅

BONUS! This bundle comes with 5 phone wallpapers featuring my personal favorite love affirmations, which you will hear in these audios. They make the perfect toolkit to reinforce your shiny new beliefs as the magnetic lover you’re becoming!

Whew! If that doesn’t get you all warm and tingly in your sacral (or is that the heart for you?), I don’t know what will! 

My intention with this bundle is for it to totally transform your love life in miraculous ways! 😍 

So, what do you say, babe?


Enjoy, my lovely, and I can’t wait to hear and read about your transformation via the love notes (aka comments) below! 

With so much love,

Mwah 💋

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