50 shades of feminine emotions… Part 2

50 shades of feminine emotions… Part 2

Hello gorgeous , and happy full moon in Leo! 🌕

If you’re feeling aaaall the drama right now, that’s absolutely normal — and a perfect time to release it (that’s what full moons are for!).

And so, Leo moons are all about the aforementioned drama, self-expression, and the inner child. Leo is the performer of the Zodiac, after all! If that sounds scary and not exactly like your ideal definition of empowered and grounded femininity, bear with me: we are releasing the lower octave of these Leo vibes and stepping into the highest ones this moon cycle!

Out: being a wounded little girl, the dramatic tantrums, the desperate need for attention.

In: being a Grown Ass Woman, heart-centered self-expression, emotional intelligence.

And as you would expect from yours truly, I have crafted the most perfect and timely High Vibe Audios to carry you into this cycle all spiritually healed up, bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed — or, more accurately, with hydrated lips and a majestic mane! 🦁 #vibes


Grown Ass Woman

Caught your inner little girl hijacking your relationship because she felt abandoned? I’m with you, babe!

A common feminine wound, abandonment (or the perception of it), can cause extreme, overwhelmingly intense emotions, to the point that they become unbearable. Consider this audio the antidote to rapidly transcend your pain and regain your power as the Grown Ass Woman you know you are! Think inner child work on steroids, or, should I say, on Molly!

As a queen of empowering affirmations and NLP, this is the exact process of affirming words and empowering truths I used for myself as I’ve journeyed through and healed a whole spectrum of romantic trauma, layered with binaural beats and mesmerizing electronic soundscapes, theta frequencies (namely the lower harmonics of the 639 Hz Solfeggio frequency, for a focus on the heart chakra, known to help heal relationships), and as per usual, crystal clear vocals by moi. Listen whenever you feel triggered! You’ll be so glad you did! 💅


Self Expressed AF

Does your throat chakra need a little TLC?

Whether you’ve been struggling to assert boundaries or to express your feelings, there is a Self Expressed AF babe ready to make herself known in you: time to unleash her and her magnetism! ❤️‍🔥

In this one, we acknowledge our need for self-expression, and we drastically shift the vibe to take our power back with the exact mantras I’ve successfully used for my own personal empowerment.

This sultry recording features my signature cocktail of binaural beats, mesmerizing electronic soundscapes, and theta frequencies (namely the lower harmonics of the 396 Hz Solfeggio frequency, known to help self-liberation and freedom from guilt), showcasing The Voice of Your Devotee. An absolute must-have in your arsenal of audible tools to level up! 👌🏼✨


I hope you enjoy these brand spanking new High Vibe Audios, babe, and I can’t wait for you to experience this magic! Mwah 💋

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