50 Shades of feminine emotions, part 1

50 Shades of feminine emotions, part 1

Hello angel, and happy new moon in Capricorn! 🌑

Whew! What an intense one indeed! I don’t know if you’re feeling it too, but it’s hitting me in all the right places, namely in my astrological first house. The effects of a new moon or full moon are usually felt the most a couple of days prior and after its exact time.

We all know that our sun sign represents our core identity. The first house, and the ascendant in particular, represent our outwardly expressed personality and how we aspire to show up in life. And beyond that, the first house is the house of Self: it rules our physical traits and appearance, our strengths and weaknesses, and our outlook on life. And if you don’t recognize yourself in the description of your rising sign, that may be because they don’t necessarily match. Let me explain…

Our ascendant, aka rising sign, is defined by the cusp of the first house. But if you take into account Earth’s inclination (that phenomenon responsible for six months-long nights in the North Pole), the houses that traverse the zodiac aren’t exactly the same size. Which means that you can very much have several houses traversing a sign — the case of yours truly!

Your favorite manigen and Sagittarius rising on the internet, while having half the sign of Sagittarius in her first house, also has the entire sign of Capricorn traversing it. House traverses is a concept I first learned from astrologer Natalia Benson. Basically, the sign that traverses a house will color it with its energy. And if you don’t have any planetary placement in a sign, then remember that the sign itself is a constellation of stars, which are mini-suns in their own right. They harbor their own energy and frequencies!

And so, my interpretation is that I’m getting my ambition, my determination, and admittedly also my stubbornness, as well as my elongated bone structure and overall mostly capricornian physical traits, from that (mostly unpopulated) first house of mine.

I see this new moon as an invitation for me to activate the ambition, determination, and drive that make me who I am. If you feel curious, have a look at what house(s) traverse the sign of Capricorn in your chart: it will tell you which area of your life gets an activation of these qualities. For me, that would be my house of Self.

As mentioned above, my first house in Capricorn is mostly unpopulated. It does have one planet in it: Neptune. Neptune is a generational planet, which means me and women of the Neptune in Capricorn generation (possibly you, babe!) can be very ambitious, driven, and, dare I say, perfectionists, and probably also very pragmatic about all things spirituality — I certainly am! 💁‍♀️

You bet that when I work on myself (see the verb I just used?), on my healing, and on my shadows, I do it like I’m competing for the best climb of Mount Everest, aiming for the flying colors (and a trophy, duh). I guess you could also blame it on my human design defined ego! But that’s a story for another time.

For now, what I want to share is that anytime I get triggered, I invent and channel my own healing modalities for it. It tends to be based on spoken affirmations, as you might have guessed, so whether I record them to be able to listen to them later and absorb their vibrational content further passively or I tap them in my belief (and nervous) system, EFT style, it becomes a thing, and most importantly, it’s my duty to share!

So, here are not one, but two High Vibe Audios that are sure to elevate your frequency on two highly triggering topics: being provided for and releasing control as the feminine principle, and alchemizing jealousy in love. Oooh! Juicy ❤️‍🔥 Consider these the zingy and spicy appetizers while you wait for the main course, aka the upcoming podcast episode where I’ll spill all the tea for you, babe.

Enjoy, babe, and be sure to leave me your feedback, a sparkly heart emoji, a love note, or a thoughtful comment right below! I adore you all! Mwah 💋

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