• Hot Girl Summer Vibes

    Hello sweetness!  I hope you’re already loving the incoming vibes… Summer is upon us ☀️ The current cosmic program is taking us from a super flighty (and flirty!) Gemini season, jam-packed with a Gemini stellium, solar flares, auroras (I mean, what?), and, ahem, a grand square to Saturn that has been screaming “boundaries” (balance, right?)… …to a drool-worthy, super emotional and feminine AF…

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    Cosmic love, baby: my journey as a lovergirl and channel bringing galactic wisdom for 5D love

    Hello, gorgeous ! I hope that Taurus season is treating you well now that Mercury retrograde in Aries is over, eclipse season is well behind us, and the Scorpio full moon, aka the most intense full moon of the year, has emotionally purged us! This past Aries season has notoriously been the worst Aries season in the history of Aries seasons—at…

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    Wealth energetics: 10 things I learned from dating a billionaire

    As I reflect on where my next level is going to get me, and in perfect alignment with the current cosmic energies (hello, Mercury retrograde and new moon solar eclipse in Aries!), I’ve been reminiscing on my latest major up-levels and how they lay the groundwork for where I intend to go next. If you listen to SPIRITUAL SLUT the…

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    Creator Consciousness

    Hello gorgeous !  I hope you’re able to give yourself all the self care you need during this eclipse window! Here, at SPIRITUAL SLUT’s HQ, we’re coming to you with a brand new episode of the show (or two, hehe) so you can binge listen on podcasts as you snuggle under a cozy blanket, #EclipseVibes, and make the most of…

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    Quantum Leap Queen

    Hello gorgeous, and welcome to Mercury retrograde in Aries, which will last until April 25! While this astrological transit might call for passive aggressive communication (especially if you have Aries placements!), it’s also a great time to look inward and harness the courage to face your sh*t head on! Aries is the archetype of the warrior, after all. And know that the…

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