Summer body, heartset ready

Summer body, heartset ready

Hi gorgeous!

In the words of Abraham Hicks, ask, and it is given! By popular request, I go on a deep dive on the topic of self love on the latest episode of SPIRITUAL SLUT the podcast, and it’s juicy AF! And with summer being just around the corner, is there a better time to discuss bodily aesthetics?

In this eppy, you’ll hear me talk about beauty, inside and out: the cosmetic procedures I used to have done over the years, the consciousness and vibration of botox, lasers and microneedling, going filter-free on instagram stories (if you follow, you know!), long story short, I give you all the tea! Of course, I also give you all the high vibe modalities that I love and have been using for years before it was hype, such as face yoga, beauty acupuncture, gua-sha and lymphatic massage. We live in a material world, a 3D world as I like to say, therefore there’s nothing wrong with starting our self-love journey by learning to love the superficial layers (literally!) of us. In fact, that’s what we came on Earth for! To play with the physical, and with having a physical vessel for our human experience, i.e. a body!

And mind you, if you’re into spirituality like yours truly, you mind find yourself looking to love more of you, not just externally, but also internally… And that’s when the true journey begins! That’s when the shift in consciousness happens. And that shift isn’t just a mindset shift. It’s a heartset shift. For you will feel it in your heart and soul – not just from the neck up! And whether you are cognizant of it or not, when you’re on that path, you can never go back: it just feels too delicious! And personally… I can’t stop talking about it! 

And so, I share with you the emotional process leading up to my jaw surgery, its impact on my wellbeing and what I think of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine at large, as well as how I transformed my relationship to my body image, and all the tools that have helped me – and how they can be a double-edged sword, too! Everyone’s journey is, or will be different, and my intention is to inspire you to start walking your path, by sharing mine with you. Not only my path, but also the spiritual lens through which I walked it. My soul has healed in so many ways, and I am getting more beautiful everyday as a result. Who would have thought spiritual growth could make you hotter? I certainly wouldn’t have believed my eyes, if I had been shown my current Self a decade ago…

I know in my heart that it is my duty to share my story and process with you, for I also know that you, too, are capable of such a profound, soul-deep transformation. 

And this might sound like an insider’s secret, but truly, it’s the shift in consciousness that changed the game for me. For some, this might potentially be a lifelong journey… However, I’m a testament of the fact that you have the power to accelerate it greatly: with the help of guided meditations, hypnosis and, last but certainly not least, beauty affirmations. I am currently building a whole website around these for a reason! And what a privilege to be in a place of sharing with you what I’ve created, as I’m embodying the work I’ve done on myself, and ripping the fruits of my self-love labor every single day! And speaking of sharing, in this episode, I share with you an exclusive preview of my Self Love Spell !

I really hope you enjoy this one, gorgeous!

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