Vibe Make Over

Vibe Make Over

Hello beautiful !

I hope you’re off to a great summer and that you are falling in love over and over again with your body!

If you follow the astrological forecast, maybe you’re aware that Jupiter, the great benefactor of the Zodiac, is now in the sign of Taurus, and that the sun is currently transiting gate 8, The gate of Contribution in human design. If that sounds like Chinese to you, let me translate: Taurus is all about self-worth and speaks to the body and to the physical, material aspects of our reality. Gate 8 in particular tells us about the contribution we are here to make in the world: it is located in the throat center, and with Mercury (who rules communication and self-expression) now being direct, the spotlight is now on whether we are truthful with ourselves regarding our story about how we contribute to the world, and if we are being in our highest expression of that.

Without diving too deep into a human design forecast reading, all you need to know is that if you felt a little bit mismatched with your self-imposed life purpose, OR if you know deep in your heart that there’s so much more you can give, and that you can make a difference… Know that this is not just you, babe. It is a cosmic event, and it affects all of us… Particularly those of us with big dreams and clear ambitions – hello, human design defined egos!

And so, speaking about defined egos, being one myself, and with all of us bold visionaries in mind, I have just recorded the perfect hypno meditation to give us the power boost we need! And yes, I say we, because the tools I create, I’m the first believer in. Whether you are part of the defined ego club, or have already cleared (at least for the most part – I know my audience to be self-led) your conditioning and limiting beliefs and are looking for the ultimate step-up, this is the perfect audio to start your practice of channeling, then anchoring in your own affirmations of power, boldness and strong will.

We are leaving the limiting beliefs at the door and are shifting our focus on our own, uniquely individual empowering affirmations. We are making Empowering Affirmations a thing! Again, yes, we: that includes you, babe. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that as much as I love affirmations, I am also way more interested in empowering you to create your own affirmations rather than dictating you arbitrary (albeit helpful) beliefs. Enters my latest powerful, sensuously immersive hypno meditation: you’ll be given the canvas to channel and anchor in your own empowering affirmations using uplifting Ericksonian hypnosistheta binaural beats, galactic vocals channeled by yours truly, and, last but not least, the healing solfeggio frequency of 417Hz to facilitate inner change and wipe out negative energies in the most pleasurable audible way! How’s that for a vibe makeover?

Click below to listen to the hypno meditation and reconnect to the bad ass powerhouse of a woman you KNOW you are! ❤️‍🔥


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