A Self Love Spell

A Self Love Spell

Hello gorgeous!

I hope you’re feeling your highest, sexiest and most feminine self today!

Truly, what a miracle it is to be incarnated in a female body! Raise your hand if you tend to forget it sometimes – I’m raising both my hands right now! Are you with me? I got you, babe! Let’s take a moment to remember the beauty of having feminine curves, breasts, hair and nails… And what if you could naturally enhance the physical, bodily aspects of your femininity? I’m talking desirable curves, glowing skin, healthy hair and nails, and a lean and strong body shape!

As a lifelong fan of affirmations à la Louise Hay, you bet I had to come up with my version of an affirmation meditation, and as you would expect from yours truly, it turned out very sultry, sensual and sexy! (If you aren’t familiar with affirmation work at all, my free Body Love Affirmations are a great place to start).

Of course, I peppered it all with a healthy dose of Neuro Linguistic Programming (aka NLP) to allow the suggested affirmations to sink deeper into the layers of your consciousness, added binaural beats and galactic vocals in the mix, with a side of the healing frequency of 528Hz to help elevate your vibration at a cellular level and open the door for you to heal yourself and your feminine body – in the most pleasurable audible way! 😍

Glimmer warning! ✨
If you went through breast issues, know that I address these in this recording, having been there myself. I could quote Dr Joe Dispenza to you to elaborate on how you can literally heal your tumors, cysts and so-forth with your thoughts alone, but instead of reciting you his entire books (which you should totally do yourself a favor and go grab one copy of if you like reading!) or showing you my mammograms, I’ll let you play with these affirmations and see for yourself what YOU are capable of doing. Incredible healing awaits, and I can’t wait for you to experience it first hand! 

Whenever you’re ready… Your feminine transformation starts here, babe! Mwah! 💋


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