From Hot Mess Express to Manifestation Muse

From Hot Mess Express to Manifestation Muse

Hi beautiful!

I hope you’re having a great month of July so far and have had the opportunity to work on your tan a little, or at least soak in some vitamin D — and if you’re like me, with a side of vitamin Sea!

If not, don’t worry: you’re 6 minutes and 40 seconds away from manifesting your dream vacay, or whatever else you have on your inner vision board — you’ve guessed it, that’s the length of my latest Affirmation audio 🤓

Making a #TravelInspo collection of reels on IG is cool, but have you tried doing that with a vibe so high and steady that you literally feel the tickle of your wings growing as you envision yourself there already? That’s the vibe I want for you!

If you feel confused, cloudy, and a bit meh about your future summer plans (or any other plans for that matter), watching stories wishing it was you sipping the virgin colada in the Caribbean, I feel you. I have been there many, many times myself! But guess what? I found the ultimate hack to go from Hot Mess Express to Manifestation Muse.

And TBH, it took me a couple of years (or three or five) to refine, tweak, and perfect my self-made spiritual tools (aka my own affirmations and meditative practices), after having spent thousands of hours (and euros!) educating myself on all things hypnosis, meditation, and energy work, listening to Abraham Hicks like my life depended on it, and trying and testing just about all the affirmations I screenshot on Instagram carousels to see what worked and what didn’t… But you don’t have to!

Because luckily for you (and by you, I mean you and all the beautiful souls with big dreams whom I feel called to serve), I ended up producing this Rapid Manifestation Rampage: this rampage of affirmations is designed to help you align with your desires in a snap and raise your vibration in order to manifest at the speed of light! In other words, go from envy-scrolling on your couch to manifesting this last-minute trip to Phuket. I know because I did it, and so can you!

Think of this audio as a stream of consciousness-style flow of empowering thoughts that you can appropriate and use whenever you feel the need (or desire!). In this mind-and-heart-altering audio, you will hear me say the words I have used and uttered myself, repeated, refined, and fine-tuned to successfully get myself out of an energetic rut and propel my vibe to its highest frequency. I have made them available to you so that you can do it, too! Happy manifesting, babe!

Oh, and send me snaps and tag me once you’re on that dream vacation! I love seeing you shine (and tan!) ☀️

Mwah! 💋


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