For life to give you lemons… A word about beliefs

For life to give you lemons… A word about beliefs

Working on your beliefs is something that’s all the rage right now in the spiritual space. And while I think that’s amazing… There’s so much more to it. In fact, what I know to be true is that your beliefs are probably less than 1% of what you need to manifest. But here’s the thing: without this one percent, you won’t go anywhere.

One of my best friends came to me and asked me if I believed that believing in something would make it manifest.

I have a metaphor for you, babe.

To me, this would be like asking me about a lemon seed if I believed it was going to grow into a tree and give me lemons. While I can’t promise you that this seed you’re showing me right here will become the magnificent and fruitful tree you’re envisioning, what I know for sure is that without the seed, there is absolutely no possibility of a tree. In other words, if you don’t believe in your dreams, there is no way in the universe that they’re happening.

Now, let’s say that you do believe in your dreams. That means you have the most important one percent of the manifestation process down! It is, for sure, often easier said than done. So you have this lemon seed. The possibility of a tree, not to mention giving you lemons, is now very real!

Now, hear this: you can collect all the seeds, all the beliefs in the world; if you don’t plant them in the soil, they will never bear fruit. And this is what I see happening in the manifestation community: people collecting lemon seeds left and right, working on their beliefs, which, don’t get me wrong, I think is amazing… But they don’t do much more than that. They don’t take their actions.

See, the fruitful tree you’re envisioning will require work. It’s not necessarily hard work. It’s not necessarily the work of a decade — although it could absolutely take you years (I’ll let you Google how long it takes for a lemon seed to turn into a tree, just for funsies). But it will require consistent action over a sustained period of time.

Just like you would plant your lemon seed in the soil, water it daily, give it sunlight, and maybe add fertilizer before it turns into a sprout… Just like you might have to repot the sprout when it turns into an actual plant, adjust the humidity, maybe change the environment altogether, and most importantly, how you would keep going and keep caring for this plant until it turns into a tree that’s able to bear fruit and give you the lemons you were so keen to see one day…

The manifestation process is exactly the same. And dare I say, the creation of pretty much everything in life works similarly. You didn’t pop up as a fully grown adult on the face of the Earth one sunny day. You also once were a seed in your mother’s womb, in which you grew for nine months. And you went through all the seasons of childhood, adolescence, and then adulthood as a constantly unfolding process.

And manifestation is an unfolding process. I know you have big dreams. I know you want them now. I know you want the quantum leaps, the timeline hops, and all the sparkly stuff. And while these exist and can definitely accelerate some seasons of the process, I want you to remember that you came to Earth to enjoy the process. You came for this whole process of creation, not for the final results. You came for the exhilarating adventure that is life. Isn’t that beautiful?

And so, I hope this helps you remember that the magic is in the doing, in the creating, not in the “getting” of the manifestation. And that ultimately, the real magic is in the now moment — because, my love, that’s the only thing that’s real.

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