Riding the emotional wave: the roadmap to self-actualization and energetic neutrality

Riding the emotional wave: the roadmap to self-actualization and energetic neutrality

Hey gorgeous!

As Venus enters the exuberant sign of Leo, I hope your heart is buzzing and that you are feeling the love vibes in the air! And speaking of love vibes… Have you been experiencing a strong emotional wave lately? Because spoiler alert, it totally is in the cosmic energies of the moment! But, fear not: emotional waves are not only part of life, but they are actually your friends, for, as I like to say, they are the barometer of your vibration. The satnav to your manifestation journey, if you prefer.

If you’re new here, yours truly is a full-blown Manigen, and like all of us MG’s do (and anyone who has a defined throat connected to a motor center in their human design, so that’s you, Manifestors, too), we go first: you bet I not only got to experience the emotional wave provided by our beautiful cosmos firsthand, but I also dove right in, or, rather, rode it full throttle!

Long story short, my heart must have skipped a beat or two or three or five when I saw my ex’s picture first thing as I opened Hinge (a dating app that, ironically, I had never really used!). I’ll let you listen to the juicy details of that emotional experience in the podcast; however, I’ll share with you a few takeaways here!

1. Self-actualization is a journey

In my case, it had to do with how I viewed vulnerability, and how I finally got comfortable expressing it as my truth and be in my power while doing it — I’m talking about using that sacral “Fuck yes!” as a fuel for self expression!

And so in this episode of the podcast, I break down my process in what I call my 3 phases of healing, and share with you the exact affirmation I have used to turn what once was my weakness into my strength (I have created a hypno meditation designed to help you channel yours, called Vibe Makeover).

2. The importance of having a clique

One of my proudest manifestations to date is my circle of friends. I have created and curated the most amazing group of women, all of them powerful in their own ways. As a Scorpio Sun in my 11th house, the house of community, it makes sense that having my own clique of amazing women with whom I can connect deeply would be of the utmost importance to me. But it took me a few years to not only become conscious of it but actually bring attention to the details of it (my Scorpio Mercury). And so I can confidently say that I now have the most curated clique of highly intelligent women in all the ways: their collective emotional and spiritual intelligence is unparalleled! With my latest emotional experience, I can vouch for the amazing support I got from them and how it allowed me to metabolize my healing and find self-actualization. A wild ride that they helped me get through! If you feel you’re lacking (or slacking) in this department, I’ve got you covered: listen to my Soul Tribe Trance hypno meditation to manifest your soul-aligned friendships. More about it below!

3. Finding energetic neutrality in the most tender place

We probably all know by now that energetic neutrality is what will get you to the sweet spot to manifest whatever it is you desire. But finding it in the context of a romantic connection where you have literal skin in the game is a whole other story! Which, luckily for you, is something I’m becoming well versed in: I speak to what I call my Neil Strauss moment and share with you the relationship advice you won’t hear anywhere else… For it all really is about the energy you’re in and not about making whatever power move or strategic action in order to tip the scales in your favor.

I hope you enjoy this episode, babe, and I look forward to see you in the next one! 

Mwah! 💋


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