Blame it on the stars (but do feel all the feels!)

Blame it on the stars (but do feel all the feels!)

Hello gorgeous !

I hope your summer is bringing you a healthy dose of surprises, adventure, and beautiful encounters! I have to say, this is all I would ask for during Cancer season, and, oh my stars, did it deliver so far!

I could tell you about my jetskiing adventures and my paddle accident and how I ended up with a torn rotator cuff and bicep (ouch), how I decided on a much needed internet detox in order to enjoy and be fully present for the visit of a dear friend, how one of my cats nearly died from a bug sting, and so forth… I could share all the material manifestations that have shown in my reality at the speed of light: how I got gifted a brand new MacBook Pro, how my groceries and fancy dinners got paid either by random men or by the universe itself, the free sunset boat trips and all (don’t worry, I will teach you how)…

I could absolutely record a whole long ass podcast episode narrating the mundane side of my personal adventures and the emotional rollercoaster it has been…

But that’s not why you follow me, so instead, allow me to elaborate on the relational, psychological, and metaphysical sides of things! I’m talking emotional finesse, getting rid of that repressed anger for good, and getting your overall vibration squeaky clean in order to manifest like a champ — because that, ultimately, is what we want to do!

And let me proudly tell you, I have a whole series of podcast episodes lined up for you. I initially wanted to release a mega eppy of nearly 2 hours, but then realized that the various chapters it was made of were truly deserving of a title of their own. Consider this email the first digest to accompany volume one of my exclusive summer series!

If you follow me on IG, you’ve heard me say this like my life depends on it (and newsflash, it kinda does!): I hold the core belief that our emotions are our internal guidance system, or, in other words, the barometer of our manifestation process. And so in this episode, I explain why that is, the importance of allowing yourself to feel your emotions, even and maybe most importantly the negative ones (yes, that means your repressed anger, too!), in order to clean your mixbag of vibrations and be fully in alignment with your desired manifestation, and I share with you the very personal example of the romantic relationship I am currently manifesting — with all the deets!

You’ll get to hear a deep dive into my emotional process, my belief system around manifesting, and how I use human design to avoid making a communication faux pas (aka sending an angry text) that could have ruined my previous energetic prowess… 

The reason why I’m sharing all of this so openly with you? Because if I am to be the brave one and make all the mistakes in the book in order to finally find the tools that have proven efficient and (romantic) lifesaving, then I will make it my mission to report back and share these with you, so you don’t have to go through the motions yourself — you will, however, have to feel all the feels!

Oh, and in case you’ve been wondering — and that would be a very Cancerian question to ask… Can you blame your emotional crisis on the stars? The answer is, absolutely yes, but… Do feel all the feels, ok? Because, babe, your manifestation depends on it! And I’ll tell you exactly why in the latest episode! 

I hope you enjoy listening to this one as much as I enjoyed recording it! I look forward to see you there! Mwah! 💋️️️️️️


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