Owning your truth, empowering beliefs & Human Design

Owning your truth, empowering beliefs & Human Design

Hi gorgeous !

The latest episode of SPIRITUAL SLUT the podcast is liiive, and is about, you guessed it, owning your truth, embodying it, living it, from a place of power. And how do you be in a place of power in that regard, you may ask…

Enters the concept of Empowering beliefs.

If you’ve read my previous blog post, then you know about the hypno meditation that I just released and how it helps you create exactly that (if you haven’t, keep reading!). I mean, are empowering beliefs a thing yet? It’s about time they are: in a time where the current cosmic energies are calling us forward to step into our truth, with namely the transit of the sun in the Gate of Contribution (gate 8 in Human Design), the need for empowering beliefs is being felt on a collective level, stronger than ever.

And so, in order to give you a bit of context from the vantage point of an already very self-expressed, and dare I say, self-aware human being, in this episode, ⁠I⁠ share with you my perception of this collective energy shift and my personal take on how to navigate it, with a little help from a modality I’ve been obsessed with for the past couple of years, Human Design. The cosmic rhythms and cycles are a thing of a beauty, however, like this very sun transit, they also can prove to be quite the challenge to apprehend, if you’re unprepared when it shows up on your timeline – which it will, on a yearly basis!

And so, I’ve recorded for you my takeaways and the mindset shifts that came through for me, and how I was affected energetically. Expect a deep dive on some aspects of my design (which you might have as well!), namely how, having a defined gate 8 myself and actually the full Channel of Inspiration defined, I am designed to be the prime example of what I’m preaching in this newsletter, and ultimately, how that makes me your living and breathing permission slip to be about it (said in the voice of Beyoncé), too! 

I conclude the episode with a riff on limiting beliefs (and a book rec on that topic!) versus empowering beliefs. Did we say consciousness? If you know, you know! Oh, and I also share an exclusive preview of my aforementioned, brand spanking new hypno meditation, Vibe Makeover !

I hope you enjoy that episode as much as I did recording it, babe!

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